Monday, September 12, 2016

The Introduction

Yey! Finally I’m back in the blogger world. Woohoo! I actually had a blog before but unfortunately, I failed to update it for so long that when I tried accessing it, I already forgot the password. T_T I tried all the recovery actions I can think of and all the helps I got from Google but then, I failed. So instead of being sad, I just thought of creating a new one. Medyo sayang lang yung luma. But I’ll try to grab the entries there and post it here instead. We’ll see. Depende sa sipag.

I’m Joie, pronounced as Jo-yeee. People find it difficult to pronounce at first but days of practice, they already get the hang of it. I’m an IT professional, a food adventurer, traveller, frustrated baker, a sister, daughter and wife. I have a small online business, My Sweets’ Haven, that’s been quiet for a while because I got busy with the wedding preps and my current work. I love spending time with my hubby, friends and family.  I prefer to stay at home during weekends to do house chores then rest but when mall is on sale, I prefer to roam around. :p

Anyways, to set your expectations, this blog will only contain food, travel and anything and everything else I want to post. :p My old blog does not show any faces of human beings, just pure food and travel highlights. But now I want to change that. :) You’ll get to meet me, my boyps-turned-hubby, my friends and family. Just in case lang na gusto niyo ako makilala :p  I’m also not that good in speaking and writing English so expect my entries to be short and simple. Minsan kasi gusto ko lang i-share yung pictures. I will also try to post my baked goodies and other mishaps in our small kitchen. ;)

That’s it. I just wish I’ll get to update this as often as possible. :) Please visit me again, okay?

'Til next time.

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